Kitty Hill Resort Tour 1
Two features make our cat boarding facility unique
Front door to the Resort The first is that we have THREE Cat Cuddlers who pet, flatter and cuddle our kitty guests. Chris and Lara come every morning to murmur sweet encouragements and Nicole lives at the Resort and cuddles into the wee hours of the night. Owner/Architect Harriet Butts is the resort manager and general litter box specialist. Wendy Lafferty , the morning manager, has years of vet tech experience . Her calm, loving expertise helps lower Harriet's blood pressure daily.

The second is that we provide private ROOMS for our kitty guests. Each walk-in-size room ( no cages & no condos! ) is unique with its own name, decor, window, and special features. They all vary but an average size is 6'X 5'X 8' high.

Playful Accommodations

Little Elsbeth peeks out her door in the NurseryWe offer skylight lofts, climbing poles, cat-walks, shelf lookouts, ladders, nooks, hiding spots, lounge chairs, beds, bins and baskets. The rooms have operable windows and heated floors covered with padded sheet vinyl. Extra large rooms, like the Western Dude Ranch, are perfect for multi-cat families. We have rooms for reclusive cats, for social cats, kittens, ancient cats, for climbers, sleepers, athletic rowdies and fussy perfect princesses. We even have a black and white room (the Music Room) for black and white kitties. (Yes, we do know how to have fun.)

126 Vernon St. • Santa Cruz, CA 95060 • (831) 427-CATS